First Newsletter

Joyce Healy

12/8/20231 min read

December 8, 2023


Thank you for signing up for the Celebrate Stoddard 250 newsletter. A group

of volunteers have organized many activities, happening throughout the year, to

commemorate the town’s founding 250 years ago. You’ll be receiving this newsletter

periodically throughout the year, with information on events happening, historical tidbits,

pictures, and other interesting features.

Our town is very spread out geographically, with many individual owners’ associations

and other groups with limited connections. (Well, except when we all connect at the

transfer station.) We don’t always know our neighbors. We have a great opportunity to

use this anniversary year to meet and appreciate the other residents, permanent and

summer, in our town. We want to attract all ages and backgrounds to come to events,

get involved and feel proud of our town. We hope to build community.

We will use all the communication channels we can: email, social media, town website,

flyers, signs, word of mouth—to spread the word. So please pass this on!


Come to the kickoff January 8th

Join with your fellow settlers in petitioning The

Authorities to establish a new town, to be called

Stoddard. We will meet at Town Hall on Monday,

Jan 8 at 7 pm, with period appropriate refreshments


Wear your best knee britches and tri-corn hats, or

cloak and bonnet, to kick off our year-long celebration.

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