Celebrate Stoddard 250 Bringing Our Community Together

Join Us in Celebrating Stoddard's 250th Anniversary Year Through Community Engagement


We’re gearing up for Old Home Days! For details, see our calendar of events:

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About us

Celebrate Stoddard 250 is a community initiative dedicated to bringing together the residents of Stoddard, both permanent and summer, to celebrate the town's 250th anniversary year. Our goal is to foster community engagement and appreciation while showcasing the rich history and bright future of Stoddard.

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All orders will be available for pickup at the Davis Public Library in Stoddard
Get Involved

Historical Society- Are you a member of the Historical Society, which is the sponsoring organization for everything that’s happening this anniversary year? While programs are generally free and open to the public, members who pay dues of $20 per person per year provide the money to maintain the historic structures (which receive no tax money) in the center of town.  Bring a check to any Historical Society program, or mail your check to 

PO Box 860  Stoddard NH 03464.


The Society also needs more directors to help present its work.  Meetings are few; duties mostly consist of planning interesting programs for the year. Become part of the inner circle by contacting Steve Worth, President,  

sbworthmail@gmail.com to learn more.

woman walking beside wall with the best gift is you graffiti
woman walking beside wall with the best gift is you graffiti

Let's Come Together to Celebrate Stoddard's Rich History and Bright Future.

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